Michael T Workman

Director | Cinematographer | Editor

Selected client Work ︎

The Buffalo Unity Project

Co-Directors: Michael T Workman & Daniel Molloy
Cinematographer | Editor: Michael T Workman

American bison were pushed to the brink of extinction in the late 1800s and entire indigenous cultures were nearly destroyed. Now, the Dakota and Nakoda people are re-connecting their youth to the bison with the Buffalo Unity Project, a program created by Poplar Middle School on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana.

The film was a collaboration between the filmmaker’s and the students who participated in the filmmaking process, learning about storytelling and film production.

St. Lawrence String Quartet - Return to Haydn

Editor: Michael T Workman

hrough interviews with members of the quartet, behind the scenes footage, and a peek into the personal lives of the quartet, the film tells the story of how the quartet has had to adapt its creative process amid months of COVID-19 restrictions that has resulted in their longest hiatus in the quartet’s 30-year history.

(Full film upon request)

Kronos Quartet: Points of Entry

Editor: Michael T Workman

The Kronos Quartet returns with a film that traces their history as a group, from their origins in 1973 to their recent collaborations with contemporary composers. Featuring many of their most popular songs, including “God-Music,” the piece from George Crumb’s Black Angels that inspired David Harrington to form the quartet nearly 50 years ago, and interviews about the group’s evolution.

(Full film upon request)

Kronos Quartet: Testimony

Editor: Michael T Workman

Testimony is a Kronos Quartet concert film that reflects on the 2020 uprising for racial justice.

(Full film upon request)


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