Michael T Workman

Director | Cinematographer | Editor


Director | Editor | Cinematographer: Michael T Workman
Original Score: Nicholas Merz and Evan Backer

After Tim’s work-related stroke leads to troubling signs of memory loss, his son Michael returns home to Montana. As they spend the most time together since Michael’s childhood, they reckon with the past that haunts Tim. Meantime is a deeply personal exploration of memory, guilt, labor, and the attempt to preserve the fleeting.

2022 | Documentary | 4K Color | TRT 18:28 minutes



Winner Best Short Film at Telluride Mountainfilm
Winner Vimeo Staff Pick Award at Palm Springs ShortFest
Winner Best Short Documentary BendFilm Festival
Best Short Doc Nominee at Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
Best Short Doc Nominee at Independent Film Festival Boston



Full Frame Documentary Film Festival (New Docs Selection)
Telluride Mountainfilm
Independent Film Festival Boston
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
San Francisco DocFest
Palm Springs ShortFest
BendFilm Festival
Denver International Film Festival
Buffalo International Film Festival

Co-Directors: Adrian L Burell & Michael T Workman

After the execution of her nephew at the hands of the Vallejo Police, Angela seeks justice.

2021 | Documentary | 4k Color | TRT: 10:28 minutes



Tacoma International Film Festival
San Francisco Indie Shorts
Sidewalk Film Festival
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
Fist Up Film Festival


Means TV

From Parts Unknown

Jesse “Madman” Manson decided to live out his fantasy by starting an underground Professional Wrestling league in the backyards of Spokane, Washington. Ten years later, Spokane Anarchy Wrestling is gaining momentum and popularity, but Jesse’s incurring injuries from years of wrestling are proving to be a threat to the one thing that has given him an outlet to express himself.

2018 | Documentary | HD Color | TRT: 27:45



Grand Jury Prize at Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival
Nominee for Best Short Documetnary at Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
Nominee for Best Short Documentary at Sheffield Doc/Fest



Bend International Film Festival
Pickford Film Center
Best of the Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival
Spokane International Film Festival


Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival
Alexander Valley Film Festival
Local Sightings Film Festival
Sheffield Doc/Fest
San Francisco Doc/Fest        
Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
American Documentary Film Festival
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival


Means TV
Real Stories


Lifenaut.com promises its users a chance to become technologically immortal. Users can upload photos, videos, love letters, genetic code, and other documents in the hope that future civilizations will have the technology to reconstruct their consciousness based on this information and upload their mind to an electronic body. When Linda’s husband passed away she created “mindfiles” for them so that they could one day be together in a different form. Composed of found “mindfile” footage, file_me_away is an experimental science fiction meditation on the desire to transcend one’s body and the razor-thin line between the ability of technology to improve human life or to catastrophically change society forever.

2023 | Documentary | 4K Color | TRT: TBD

Pending release


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