• Masses

    The manner in which consumer culture assigns value to objects has little to do with the cost of materials or production and everything to do with the artificial manipulation of desire through advertisement and display. Masses examines this manipulation and the resulting rituals surrounding consumerist consumption. Grotesque pink gelatin forms are rendered highly desirable through their display, scarcity, and a live product demonstration. All these efforts manipulate the viewer into partaking in the ritual of consumption. The installation was comprised of a faux banquet performance which was the place of literal consumption, but only for a select few. A product demonstration that mimics the style of a jewelry commercial, where the presenter reads a script off a teleprompter and relentlessly tries to seduce the viewer into consuming the Masses. After which two audience members were selected via raffle to sit at the banquet and take part in the consumption for 15 minutes before being escorted out. A pink room with a rotating mass on a pedestal in the style of a cake display and two televisions playing both videos side by side. Solo Exhibition at Real Good Art Space, in Missoula, MT, August 7th.